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Important Cronovirus (Covid 19) Information

Due to the seriousness of the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis, the Practice has adopted new protocols as our priority is for the care and safety of our Patients and our staff.

Social distancing requirements means that routine examinations are not advisable and will not be carried out.

No routine treatments will be provided as the Chief Dental Officer’s guidelines rule out the use of aerosol creating drills and air/water sprays.

During the normal working week, daily morning emergency appointments will be available for Patients of this Practice for the relief of pain, lost fillings or fractured teeth but treatment will be restricted to interim procedures or temporary restorations.

As the situation develops we will endeavor to keep you updated on our Website – www.nyewooddental.com and on our Facebook page.

If you are one of our Patients and need advice or would like an emergency appointment please call us on the Practice number

012343 823996 and if necessary please leave a message and we will return your call. Alternately there is a mobile number so you can contact me and this will available from 2 pm until 8 pm during the week and between 9am – 8pm during the weekends

07539 397886.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe.

Richard Plowman


Hopefully, this message will find you safe and well during this difficult and unpredictable time. I very much appreciate how supportive and understanding you have been when we have spoken.

During the coronavirus lockdown we have been able to offer appointments to care for our patients who have had emergencies by using telephone triage and minimal intervention techniques. The main transmission of this virus is by airborne droplets from the respiratory system and is present in the mouth. But now, new evidence suggests airborne transmission can occur and not just from droplets which means a wider area of contamination. Aerosol Generated Procedures or the creation of large volume moisture clouds, containing saliva, are high risk procedures for patients and staff but especially to other Patients, so I do not feel we can risk the use of drills and air drying procedures at present, This severely limits what treatment we can offer at this stage.

The concern is that the risk of being infected with SARS CoV-2, causing the disease known as COVID-19, which, for some of us, carries a high risk of hospitalisation and serious long-term illness, or even death.

The reopening of NHS dental practices, announced by the Government, on Monday 8 June is to allow only limited treatment similar to what we have been providing during lockdown. This is some considerable distance away from the normal routine procedures we have been able to offer in the past.

The new requirements to prevent the transmission of this SARCoV – 2 virus, involves the assumption that all patients and staff are potential carriers. However, the risk of transmitting SARS CoV-2 during dental procedures is greatly reduced by not carrying out aerosol generating procedures. They occur during some examinations, the ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth and cutting and shaping the teeth to provide fillings, crowns and root canal treatments. With no aerosols, our usual Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] with the addition of higher filtration masks, visors and disposable aprons will reduce the potential transmission of this virus from staff to patients and from patients to staff. Using no aerosols and extending the interval between patients will allow for the completion of the required additional cleaning processes for the surgery as well as ensuring that patients do not come into contact with other patients. This will minimise the risk of the patient to patient transmission, but it will reduce the number of patients we are able to care for in a session.

The provision of safe routine aerosol generating Dentistry will be challenging but with the safety of our staff and patients being paramount, we, at the Nyewood Dental Practice, have decided not to carry out any aerosol generating procedures at present. We will be continuing to provide care for our Patients, as we have done throughout the crisis, either by telephone consultation with advice and/or provision of medication or with face to face treatments. For the treatment that we can provide, we have adopted new protocols and have the correct Personal Protective Equipment to keep you and ourselves as safe as possible. We will be contacting you to arrange new appointments in due course and we are starting to use our small garden area as an outside clinic, similar to my Nepal experiences, to improve our capacity see our patients for examination and to assess problems they may have. {Provided it is not raining!}

This is a situation that will be closely monitored as returning to providing the full range of care options for our patients is the ultimate target.

The dental profession has successfully reduced the risks in coping with viruses in the past and will hopefully develop a low risk method of providing treatment for this particular thought-provoking virus.

Click Here : For those who are interested I have put together some background reading !

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